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Art Prize night photo - Dave Smith.jpg

Hand of a Savage God

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Sculpture as exhibited at the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Rapids U.S.A. 2011 (Photo: Dave Smith)

Photo: the Artist

Photo 1.jpg

Photo: Blake Wize

Photo 2.jpg

Photo: Jen Calnan

Hand of a Savage God - detail.jpg
Sculptures: News

Creative Process

An overview of the Hand of a Savage God creative process is provided below, including:

  1. Technical drawings as developed by the artist

  2. CAD modelling as performed by Constructive Media, complete with feedback loop to ensure full creative control by the Artist

  3. Prototype as developed from the CAD model 

  4. Full scale sculpture as developed from the CAD model using machine routing by Swarbrick and Swarbrick

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The End Game

Strand Ephemera, Townsville QUEENSLAND (2012)

Fiberglass, steel and mixed media (6200 x 4600 x 2480mm)

strand-ephemeral - red girl 3 (3).jpg

Right Photo: Benjamin Hung

strand-ephemeral - red girl 2 (2).jpg

Top Photo: Benjamin Hung

Strand photo 1.jpg

Left Photo: the Artist

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Oversized chairs and table were fabricated in steel from the Artist's designs

Photo: the Artist

Sculpture, table and chairs were craned into place on the beach

Photo: the Artist

The End Game was exhibited on the beach in Townsville, with Magnetic Island where the Artist lived at the time visible in the background

Photo: the Artist

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All sculpture high shot - low res.JPG


Progress photos of the manual carving process

Sculptures: Image

Above and below: sculptures in various stages of progress (Photos: the Artist)

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